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The New Hampshire Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

 Presents a Full Day of Training

The Ethics of Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Recognizing Individuals at Risk, Connecting with Them and Connecting Them to Help
Ann Duckless, MA

Friday, May 5th, 2017
at the
Concord Country Club, Concord, NH

8:30-9:00—Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00-12:00— Workshop


1:00-4:00— Continuing Workshop

6 New Hampshire Continuing Ethics Education Units Available



The Ethics of Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Recognizing Individuals at Risk, Connecting with Them and Connecting Them to Help

     This training, for mental health providers, includes a review of National Best Practice suicide prevention/intervention policies and procedures specific to the mental health field, interactive case scenarios, and discussion on how to collaborate with key community stakeholders for an effective and comprehensive response.

     Suicide poses philosophical and ethical questions. Clinicians working with suicidal individuals face a wide range of ethical challenges. Effective clinical practice requires clinicians to recognize and examine their own personal values and attitudes as well as respecting and understanding those of their clients.  Clinician’s response and service to clients must be provided in a competent manner, with recognition of the strengths and needs of the individual and within the context of ethical codes and standards.

     Participants will engage in discussion of ethical issues such as dignity and worth of the individual, self-determination, and involuntary treatment. Case scenarios representing challenging ethical situations with suicidal individuals will be explored through group discussion.  This program will examine ethical concerns related to working with clients who are dealing with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and will encourage clinicians to be more cognizant of how their own values, experiences and belief systems impact their work.


In this workshop, we’ll:

• Gain knowledge of National Best Practices for mental health providers for response to clients at risk

• Review risk factors and warning signs to differentiate self harm and suicidal intent

• Explore confidentiality requirements and communication with those who are involved in the client’s care or treatment

• Examine options for disposition of individuals at risk: hospitalization vs. outpatient treatment, including recommendations for building comprehensive safety and transition plans, and restricting access to lethal means

• Discuss individual agency response plans for suicide incidents, decision trees for emergency response, and standards for phone screening of emergency calls

• Explore varying factors associated with response to suicidality based on age groups and culture and recognize the effect these varying factors have in a clinician’s work with clients

• Demonstrate a greater understanding of  ethical concerns related to suicidality in clients across the lifespan

• Consider how providers’ own values, experiences and beliefs impact their work with clients presenting with suicidal thoughts and behaviors



Ann Duckless, MA, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill New Hampshire (NAMI NH) Community Educator and Prevention Specialist

has worked for NAMI NH for the past 11 years in the Connect Suicide Prevention Program, providing suicide prevention, postvention, and mental health trainings to community, military, college, and tribal nation settings. She has also gained over 20 years of experience in the field of substance use continuum of care. Ann’s varied professional work experiences including teaching at the high school and college levels, inpatient and outpatient counseling for substance use disorders, youth prevention community work at the statewide level, and a collaborative systems perspective in dealing with public health issues. Trained as a cultural competence trainer by the Anti-Defamation League, Ann embraces and promotes cultural sensitivity to issues of gender, race, ethnicity, language, religion, disability, and sexual orientation/gender identity.  Ann obtained her master’s degree from Antioch University in 1990 with a dual concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy and Substance Abuse/Addictions.




Workshop Location

22 Country Club Lane
Concord, NH 03301-6939
(603) 224-9641; (603) 338-0232

Directions to the Concord Country Club

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From the South: Follow I-93 N through Concord. Take Exit 16 (Rt 132/E. Concord), turn Right at ramp Stop. Take Left onto Rt 132N/Mountain Road, continue 1.5 miles. Turn Right onto Country Club Lane.

From the North: Follow I-93 S. Take Exit 17-E toward Rt 132. Continue to bear right off of ramp (Rt 4 E/Hoit Rd), follow for .6 miles. At Stop take Right onto Rt 132 S/Mountain Road, continue 2.5 miles. Turn Left onto Country Club Lane.

From the West: Follow I-89 S to Concord, merge onto I-93 N. Follow directions from the South.



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If you register online by March 25th, 2017 a 30% discount will be automatically included in your purchase price.

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    The Hold Me Tight Program

    We all have a fundamental need to feel valued, understood, and loved by our partner. Research shows that ALL couples get disconnected at times, and that there is a reliable road map for reconnection. This Hold Me Tight® Workshop can help you improve communication, foster understanding, and enhance emotional intimacy. It is an educational workshop which offers a relaxed, nonthreatening environment for you to experience a new way of understanding your relationship and connecting with your partner. You and your partner will have opportunities throughout the workshop to try out what you learn in private conversations with each other. Led by three skilled couples therapists with advanced training in the evidenced-based Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples: NHAMFT's Allison Doyle, LMFT and Mike McCay, LMFT along with  Rebecca Clark, LMFT of Maine. The program will take place September 22-23rd at the Daniel Hotel in Brunswick, ME. For more information, and to register, click here.

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